What to Know About Inground Custom Pools

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What to Know About Inground Custom Pools

  • Posted by: Sarah Wambua
Why You Should Consider a Custom Pool

Do you want to know if an inground pool is worth the money for your backyard? Depending on your needs, personal preferences, and budget, you can choose from a wide variety of pool types, sizes, and designs to complement your home. Planning inground custom pools involve more than just picking out a size and some decorative tiles. You and your custom pool builder should take the time to explore your options.

What to Know About Inground Custom Pools

Here’s what you should know about inground custom pools

What’s Your Budget?

Before starting down the long path of pool construction, you should know how much money you have available. The cost of inground custom pools can range greatly. For this reason, receiving an estimate is important before you get lost in the design process.

Many people overlook the initial investment in an inground pool. Consider the lifetime cost of maintenance and repairs while drawing up plans for the pool.

Many factors will play a huge role in your pool’s final price. The total cost of your pool will depend on its construction materials, electrical work, retaining walls, size, landscaping, and fencing.

The average cost of inground custom pools is around $30,000. However, this can increase to over $100,000 for more elaborate features.

Choose the shape

The success of your custom pool installation hinges on the shape you select. To begin, you should determine what can fit in your backyard. If the land is uneven or there are obstacles, your pool contractor may suggest a few different shapes.

Consider what complements your pool design, backyard, and home aesthetics. The traditional rectangular pool is a favorite of lap swimmers. It also provides a pleasant environment for kids to splash around. Like free-form pools, which can take on any form, geometric pools are constructed using patterns.

Kidney, oval, L-shaped, figure-8, and other pool shapes are available. The list goes on and on, which means you’ll undoubtedly find something to your taste.

Choose the materials

The materials you choose to employ will also affect the final look of your customized pool. Inquire with your pool service about the options that will work best with your outdoor space and aesthetic preferences. Make sure you like the real material and the way it is finished.

Gunite pools are common, particularly for custom installations. Pool builders can create pools of any size or shape. Professionals can also update these inground custom pools by remodeling or adding extra features.

Since vinyl pools have a single, malleable liner, they can take various shapes. Nevertheless, choose a durable liner, so it doesn’t rip or get damaged.

One of the simplest ways to get a pool up and running is with fiberglass. They last a long time and reduce chemical consumption. Since they come prefabricated, a crane is normally used to lay them in place.

Create your design

After settling on a shape, think about the aesthetics! The pool’s design considers its features, including depth, color, and size. Once you have some concepts in mind, you can meet with a pool builder to get them drawn out.

Add a diving board, stairs, and a ledge to lounge on. Imagine anything you like! In addition, there are also:

  • Beach-style entries
  • Lighting
  • Islands
  • Waterfalls
  • Ledges
  • A swim-up bar

Think about the depth and color scheme of your pool. Do you have a deep and shallow end? Depending on the pool’s finish, the water will have a different color. For instance, blue water complements a variety of color palettes, including grey, black, white, and blue.

Think about the layout of the circulation system as well. You might have to play around with the different options available. The sooner you start thinking of ideas, the sooner you can talk them over with your pool builder.

Lifestyle considerations

When designing your own inground pool, it’s important, to begin with, a goal in mind. To what end do you have a pool in your backyard? Not everyone wants a fitness-oriented lap pool; some would rather throw pool parties or lounge on an inflatable raft.

What to Know About Inground Custom Pools

Before beginning the custom pool design process, you should consider your desired outcomes seriously. Your design work will benefit from this tool. While it’s possible to serve several functions, it’s important to prioritize your needs before beginning the design process.

You should think about the weather conditions where you are as well. The colder months of the year are a good time to evaluate whether or not you will use your pool. If even thinking about it gives you the chills, maybe you should have a heated swimming pool.


So, you’ve done your research and decided that a custom pool is a right choice for you. Get in touch with a pool contractor to make your ideal pool a reality. They’re there to help you every step of the way as you create your pool. They will ensure your pool is functional and loyal to your original design. Given the size of the financial commitment, it’s only natural to want to be certain that inground custom pools are everything you hoped they would be. Make sure you contact us ASAP if you’re interested in learning more.

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