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Windgate Custom Pools is your number one local source for Pool Construction in New Orleans for good reason, we provide a premium pool building experience for homeowners. Throughout the local region, we’re known for our residential pool construction services. We like to think the reason homeowners continue to refer us again and again to their friends and neighbors is because they are confident Windgate Custom Pools are one of top pool construction companies in New Orleans.

We Are The Residential Pool Construction Experts in New Orleans

As one of the leading residential pool construction companies in the local area, we provide a wide array of services for homeowners looking at pool installation companies. We are experienced seasoned veteran pool builders that perform high quality pool installations on time and on budget. Homeowners prefer us because we put their needs first and always go above and beyond to make certain that our customers fall in love with their pool.

Why Building a Pool in Baton Rouge Makes Sense

Experts in all phases of inground pool excavation. In New Orleans, Windgate Custom Pools has a reputation as a leading pool construction company.

Pool Design

One of our expert pool designers will work with you to come up with a pool and outdoor living concept that fulfills your ideal pool concept. We’ll work with you on choosing materials, features and amenities. The design consultant will also help you obtain financing if needed.


Your project manager will work with you and the county to obtain any and all necessary permits for your pool construction project. They will also work with you in submitting plans to any HOA’s if necessary.

Layout & Forming

During this phase workers will begin by marking the exact shape and area of where the excavators will dig your inground pool. We’ll begin by outlining in spray paint exactly where to dig the pool. We’ll also take the time to mark off any utility and sewage lines as well. A worker will then begin forming the exact area where your inground pool will go in preparation for excavation.


Dig day or the excavation day of your pool project is always an exciting time. It’s when you can finally begin to see the project start to take shape. You may want to take the day off so you can watch the excavation process. It’s typically a noisy and busy day where a parade of workmen and heavy equipment will be streaming in and out of your backyard. We’ll begin digging out the pool area for where your swimming pool will go. During this process we may also trench and dig areas for running plumbing, electrical and any additional drainage needed for your particular pool project. Finally, our workers will form out the entire area where the steel rebar skeleton will go for your inground pool.

Steel, Plumbing & Electrical

Once the pool area has been excavated, workers will begin assembling the structural steel skeleton of the pool. Heavy duty rebar will be used to construct the pool frame. Workers will then run most of the electrical and plumbing lines that will go in your pool.

Concrete / Gunite

Another exciting day in the pool construction process is when we show up to shoot the gunite concrete shell of your pool. Workers will use a pneumatic gun to shoot high velocity concrete into the steel pool frame to compose the concrete shell of the pool.

Interior / Tile & Coping

The end of the pool construction process is nearly in sight. At this point we will begin installing the pool interior. Many homeowners opt for a pebble interior or a high quality colored plaster. Your pool designer will work with you on selecting the waterline tile and coping that will go in your pools interior early on in the process. At this stage of construction, workers will begin installing those pre-made selections.

Startup & Pool School

Your pool can now be filled up and chemically balanced so that it is ready to swim in. Typically the pool startup process takes a few days to complete. Once the pool is ready to swim in, we will conduct a pool school to teach you how to operate and perform basic maintenance on your new inground pool.

Choosing a Custom Swimming Pool Builder

Pool Construction Process

The pool construction process can be difficult. The nature of skilled construction and specialty tradesmen associated in creating a truly high quality inground pool necessitate hiring a pool construction company that can deliver. Throughout the entire pool construction process, your project manager will communicate with you from start to completion to ensure a stress free pool building process.

Pool Construction Process

A Premium Pool Building Experience

When selecting a pool builder for your particular inground pool project there are many builders to choose from. Quite often homeowners run into difficulty being able to distinguish the value proposition between one pool builder and the next. Based on no clear differentiating factors consumers will often purchase on price. When you buy a pool with Windgate Custom Pools we take the time to educate you about all the options and features available to create you the ideal outdoor living environment. We also spend the time to learn about your ideal pool, your lifestyle, your family and how the pool will be used. Our expertise is in taking this feedback and articulating that into a backyard design your family will love. Schedule a free consultation with us and let us help you create your dream backyard.