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Inground Pools are our specialty here at Windgate Custom Pools. When it comes to finding the right pool construction company that can bring your families backyard vision to life there is no better firm suited to the task. A local leader in inground pools, we work closely with homeowners, custom home builders, and general contractors to deliver a premium outdoor living product they can be proud of. As veteran pool builders with a long history of inground pool construction experience, you can be confident that your pool project is being handled by professionals.

Why Buy an Inground Pool from Windgate Custom Pools?

When you’re forced to make a major buying decision like an outdoor remodeling project of this magnitude, it’s important to weigh all things equally to make an informed decision. Building an inground pool is a complex home improvement project that should be handled by skilled professionals with the know how to see around corners and work within the confines of deadlines and budgets. Homeowners in New Orleans who opt for a premium pool construction experience often choose us, not because we are the cheapest bid – but because we provide the best value for their pool buying dollar.

4 Types of Inground Pools to Consider

Exerience a premium inground pool building experience with Windgate Custom Pools, the local leaders in Inground Pools servicing the entire New Orleans region.

Pools & Spas

A leading builder of inground pools and spas in New Orleans, Windget Custom Pools specializes in the design and construction of residential pools and spas.

How Long Does an Inground Pool Take to Build?

Typically most inground pool projects take between 8-10 weeks to complete from start to finish. Factors like the weather, permitting, HOA approvals, financing and other factors may extend the timeline in some cases. However as a general rule of thumb, construction itself takes 8-10 weeks on most inground pool projects.

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

This is one of the most frequent questions that inground pool buyers ask. The answer is not always black and white and varies depending on the design and pool the homeowner wish to have built. On the low end, most basic inground pools start at around $50,000 and can range upwards from there depending on the materials, size, and features that are going in the pool. Other factors that can influence the price are soil conditions, yard access, the location of the pool amongst other concerns.

Choosing The Right Inground Pool

There are a few different styles of pool to choose from when considering an inground pool. Undoubtedly the most popular selection for luxury inground pools is a Gunite inground pool. Made of concrete, these pools are incredibly versatile and guaranteed to last for decades. A premium product, gunite pools can be transformed into nearly any desired shape and can include a wide array of high end material selections. While other builders may also build vinyl liner or fiberglass pools, at Windgate Custom Pools we focus on delivering a high end product. This is the number one reason, among others that we are gunite pool specialists and do not focus on other forms of inground pool construction.

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Inground Pool Installation

If you’ve been considering installing an inground pool you’re not alone. More homeowners than ever before are looking to install an inground pool in their backyard. The renewed interest in improving the backyard and creating an outdoor living space the family can enjoy at home has never been higher than right now. When selecting a pool builder to perform your inground pool installation, it’s important to seek out a company that provides great communciation, high quality construction, and performs work on time and on budget. Homeowners throughout New Orleans agree, that Windgate Custom Pools delivers on all of these prerequisites.

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