What Swimming Pools Inground Designs You Need

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What Swimming Pools Inground Designs You Need

  • Posted by: Sarah Wambua
Why You Should Consider a Custom Pool

The pinnacle of backyard amenities is a pool. As the summertime hub of family activities, kids spend most of their time there. Some homeowners consider pools to be the most beautiful part of their yards. When pools inground designs include specialty materials, unique lighting, water features, and other design aspects, they can profoundly affect surrounding outdoor living spaces when they are well-illuminated at night.

What Swimming Pools Inground Designs You Need

Here are some pools inground designs to consider

Make a seating plan

Seating near your inground pool should be a priority during the design process to appear intentional and not tacked on. Whether you choose to go with your pool area’s overall design or incorporate it into the pool deck, the correct seating will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your pool. Don’t forget to consider whether you need to provide shade to some of your seating areas with an awning or trees.

Create an uncommon shape

Nobody said a pool had to be the standard boring shape of an oval or rectangle. If you have the space for it, construct your pool in an unusual design to add visual appeal. The pool’s twisting design and curving lines will make it look less like an artificial feature and more like a natural waterway. You can do many cool things with your pool’s shape if you hire the right pool professionals.

A stylish water fountain

An inground pool with a fountain is a magnificent addition to any backyard. The sound of running water provides a beautiful sight and sound, even when no one uses the pool. The addition of fountains to an existing pool can provide hours of entertainment for its users. Additionally, incorporating fountains into the landscaping around the pool will create visual appeal even when you’re not using the pool. Fun on dry land doesn’t have to be boring, thanks to the calming effects of a fountain.

Use tile as decoration

Pools inground designs that use decorative tile mosaics are becoming increasingly popular. These exist not just in the pools but also in the surrounding walls and pathways. Incorporating tile into your pool design in the form of actual pictures or attractive patterns is a growing trend. It will have your pool looking stunning and welcoming.

Work with the rest of your landscaping

Incorporating the surrounding landscape and plants into the pool is becoming increasingly popular in 2023. This year’s pools have trees planted to provide natural shade, grass planted around them to make them look like natural ponds, and even hedges.


You’ve already upgraded to a smart house, so why not extend that into the backyard? Your pool construction can now be automated. Automate the pool’s cleaning system, heater, and cover so you can control them from your phone. This design trend won’t alter the pool’s appearance but will improve your experience by making it simpler to use.

Decorative lighting

When considering inground pool designs, lighting should be taken into account. There should be water lighting so swimmers can see in the dark. It should also be around the pool and on its paths. The lighting in your pool may be both a useful and aesthetic element of the overall design if you take the time to make it so. In addition to providing the necessary lighting, lanterns can offer your pool the timeless elegance you’ve been searching for.

What Swimming Pools Inground Designs You Need

A spa and hot tub

First and foremost, you should consider the length of time you intend to swim in your pool each season. Consider installing a hot tub next to your inground pool to extend the season of use beyond the sweltering summer months. The addition of a spa to your pool can be easily justified. This is because it will enhance the aesthetic value of your property. It will also allow you to make use of your outdoor space throughout the year.

If you want to provide your spa and the people who use it with an excellent view of your inground pool and the scenery, consider placing it at a higher level. Adding warm water to the pool and adding to the luxurious sense is a spa with a spillover that features a cascade that drops into the pool below.


We have a team of trained pool design professionals who would be happy to work with you and give you a free quote. This will allow you to create the best possible pools inground designs. Designing your own pool is thrilling, and the variety of results you can get depends entirely on the customization options you choose. Windgate Custom Pools‘ design team is here to answer your questions and help make sure the final product is exactly what you had envisioned. Get in touch with us right now to arrange your free consultation.

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