Styles of Inground Pools and Spas That Go Together

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Styles of Inground Pools and Spas That Go Together

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At the forefront of backyard entertainment lies the right combination of a pool and spa. Not only can these water features bring hours of relaxation and fun, but they also add value to your home. However, with many styles of inground pools and spas available today, how do you choose which ones complement each other? In this article, we’ll look at various designs of inground pools and spas and discuss which combinations can create the ultimate backyard oasis. 

The Importance of Design For Pools and Spas

The design of your pool and spa can make or break the aesthetic of your backyard, so it’s essential to select the right combination that will complement your outdoor space. The finished product should be a place your family can enjoy for years to come, and that environment starts with the cohesive design choices you’re making now. 

The right pool and spa design can also increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell, making it more attractive to potential buyers. When you make the right decision, you can ensure your backyard is as functional and inviting as beautiful. 

Inground Pool Styles 

Before we get into our favorite combinations of backyard pools and spas, let’s explore your options for pool design. Here are some of the most popular shapes for inground pools that will give you a good starting point: 

Classic Rectangle

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The timeless rectangle pool remains an evergreen classic in any backyard design, featuring clean lines that complement any design theme beautifully. Ideal for swimming laps or entertaining guests while taking advantage of any sunbathing opportunities in the yard, its simplicity also allows it to easily integrate with other features like spas or outdoor kitchens for effortless entertaining.

Freeform Pools

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A freeform pool offers an organic aesthetic in your backyard. It mimics the look of natural bodies of water with curves and irregular forms to provide an immersive swimming experience. A freeform pool works incredibly well in backyards featuring plenty of landscaping or rustic elements. When combined with a spa, it creates an oasis of calm.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are modern and contemporary options with clean lines and sharp angles, ideal for minimalist backyard designs or current settings. A geometric pool works exceptionally well with a spa for an attractive backyard oasis. 

Inground Spa Styles

Now that you’re aware of your options for an inground pool, here are some popular inground spa styles to consider combining with your new pool:  


A standalone spa is an attractive and cost-effective addition to any backyard design, providing an ideal way to add luxury and relaxation. It can fit seamlessly into existing features like fire pits or outdoor seating areas and even serve as its own feature!

Infinity Edge Spa 

An infinity edge spa is a dramatic and visually captivating choice, designed to simulate water cascading over its edge for a stunning and tranquil effect. It’s an ideal addition for backyard views of gorgeous mountains or ocean vistas.

Swim Spas

A swim spa combines a pool and spa. It’s designed to allow swimmers to swim against an artificial current for exercise and fitness enthusiasts. When combined with traditional pools, they create an idyllic backyard oasis.

The Best Pools and Spas for Your Backyard

Your backyard’s pool and spa combo is a big decision that can overwhelm a homeowner. To make it easier, we’ve put together some of our favorite design combinations. Consider these ideas for your upcoming project: 

Classic Rectangle Pool and Standalone Spa 

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A traditional rectangle pool and standalone spa combo is a classic choice for an outdoor living space. The clean lines of the pool perfectly complement the simplistic beauty of its standalone spa design, creating a seamless and timeless backyard oasis. This design concept will help you add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your backyard without too much complication.

Freeform Pool and Infinity Edge Spa

Combining a freeform pool and infinity edge spa brings a natural look to an outdoor space. It combines the curves and irregular shapes of the pool with dramatic visuals from an infinity edge spa for a stunning visual display that mimics nature. It’s an excellent combination for creating tranquil backyard spaces that promote relaxation and help you connect with the outdoors. This design combination may be right for you if your backyard features natural elements like a rugged rock waterfall or a lot of greenery. 

Geometric Pool and Swim Spa

A geometric pool and swim spa combo offers modern homeowners an elegant and versatile solution. This pool design features sharp angles and clean lines complemented by multifunctional, exercise-oriented features of the swim spa component. 

This concept is perfect for creating an elegant space for relaxation or exercise purposes. If you’re into fitness or want to incorporate functionality into your backyard, this design choice may be the right one for you. 

Start Designing Your Pool and Spa  

Combining a pool and spa is ideal for creating the perfect backyard oasis. From classic rectangle pools with standalone spas and freeform pools with infinity edge spas to geometric pools and swim spa combos, there will surely be one or more styles that complement each other perfectly, adding depth and dimension to your landscape. 

When selecting the best combination for you, consider your desired atmosphere and the overall design elements of your yard. This way, your oasis will provide a relaxing respite you can cherish for years. 

If you need expert help choosing a pool and spa pairing, contact Windgate Custom Pools for assistance today. We can help you jumpstart your project and come up with a design concept you’ll never get tired of! 

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