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Baton Rouge Pool Builders

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Choosing a Custom Swimming Pool Builder

Indisputably, hiring a reputable pool builder is essential during pool construction. Swimming pools are excellent sources of relaxation and entertainment. Nonetheless, these spectacular features are costly. Therefore, you cannot afford to employ an unreliable pool contractor. If you live in Baton Rouge, Wingate Custom Pool’s got you covered. We have the best Baton Rouge pool builders who focus on making all your pool dreams come true.

Baton Rouge Pool Builders

Here are some of the reasons you should our Baton Rouge pool builders.

Decades of experience

All of our Baton Rouge pool builders have extensive experience in pool construction. Subsequently, they build quality swimming pools. They know the right materials and equipment to use when constructing your pool. Additionally, they are familiar with a broad spectrum of pool designs. With us, you can construct any pool design that matches your landscape. Due to our experience, we have expertise in dealing with all types of client personalities. Thus, you can always count on us to take care of all your needs.

Licensed and insured Baton Rouge pool builders

It is essential to work with pool contractors who have valid insurance cover and licenses. Fortunately, all our Baton Rouge pool builders are licensed and insured. This serves as proof of their extensive years of training. An insurance cover caters to all expenses resulting from on-site accidents and other emergencies. Our pool contractors at Wingate Custom Pools are always willing to show you their license and insurance cover upon your request.

Provide a personal experience

Unlike most pool contractors, we walk with you throughout the entire construction project. On your first appointment, we take the time to listen to all your requirements. From there, we recommend the best pool designs that complement your needs. When we begin constructing your swimming pool, we will keep you updated on the progress of your project. We also addressed all your queries, fears, and doubts during construction. Our pool contractors are always courteous enough to implement any necessary modifications to your project upon your request.

Boost your yard’s aesthetics

Here at Windgate Custom Pools, we not only focus on constructing quality pools but also on transforming your outdoor space. As mentioned earlier, our pool builders are familiar with a broad spectrum of pool designs. Thus, if you want to build a world-class pool, we have you covered. Our pool contractors can also suggest the best water features that complement your pool. You can rely on them to deliver quality water feature installation.

Pool service experts

Once we complete building your pool, we will give you the best tips on pool maintenance. This way, you are able to keep your pool in good condition at all times. You can also schedule a weekly or biweekly pool maintenance appointment with us. Our Baton Rouge pool builders are experts in cleaning, servicing, and repairing swimming pools. They are also flexible enough to come to your property at your preferred time, including off-peak hours.

Finding the best Baton Rouge pool builders

Ask for referrals: 

The best way to find reliable pool contractors in Baton Rouge is to ask your family and friends who have pools for referrals. They are probably the best people to advise you on the best pool construction companies in your area.

Customer feedback: 

Before settling for a particular pool construction company, you need to evaluate all customer reviews. Fortunately, several online rating sites could help you find a reputable pool construction company. Always take the time to read all company customer reviews before hiring them. Customers can never lie about their experiences. It would be best to go for pool builders with a five-star rating.

Baton Rouge Pool Builders

Compare quotes: 

Another way to find the best Baton Rouge pool builders is to compare quotes from different companies. Doing this helps you find the right pool builder who will cater to your budget. On your first appointment with your potential pool contractor, ensure you present your budget to them. A good pool builder will stick to your budget throughout the construction period.

Check the company website: 

Take time to evaluate their website before hiring them. This helps you determine their services and see samples of their previous work. You can also contact them through their website to see how reliable they are.

The bottom line

Are you looking for reputable Baton Rouge pool builders? Windgate Custom Pools has got you covered. We have experienced Baton Rouge pool builders here at Windgate Custom Pools with extensive experience. They focus on transforming your outdoor space into a luxurious haven. They usually take their time listening to all your needs. From there, they recommend the best pool designs that match your requirements. Moreover, they address all your fears, queries, and doubts before and during construction. If you plan to build a swimming pool, do not hesitate to contact us.

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