All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

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All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

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Are you planning to build a luxury pool? Then, this article is for you. Luxury pools are popularly known for delivering world-class aesthetics. Although these fantastic features are expensive, they unquestionably offer value for money. When constructing a luxury pool, there are particular features you should consider incorporating. These features are responsible for making the pool look luxurious. So, conduct thorough research before you start constructing your luxury pool. In this article, we look at the most common features in luxury pools.

All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

What features are common in luxury pools?

Pool lights

Every luxury pool has quality pool lighting. Pool lights usually modify the pool into a radiant oasis. Besides, they underscore all the features of the pool. Thus, consider placing your pool lights near or along with your water features. If you are planning to construct a luxury pool, never forget to install pool lights. At present, the best type of pool lights to incorporate is LED lights.

Unlike fiber optic and halogen pool lights, led lights are more durable and provide more quality lighting. Always consider installing multi-colored led pool lights; they provide the best aesthetics. When installing pool lights, it is crucial to hire a professional. A reputable pool contractor helps you know the best places to position your pool lights.

Infinity edge

Another common feature in luxury pools is a vanishing edge. As the name suggests, a vanishing edge brings about a ‘no-boundary’ effect on one side of the pool. In a zero-edge pool, the pool height matches the water level on one side of the pool. As a result, the edge appears to be merging with the surrounding horizon. From a distance, the pool always seems to have no end. Infinity edge pools undoubtedly look luxurious. They are perfect for beachfront swimming pools. Nevertheless, note that constructing an infinity-edge pool is expensive. Here at Windgate Custom Pools, we have the best pool contractors who build quality infinity-edge pools at affordable prices.

Fire features

All luxury pools contain fire features. Fire features are spectacular features that create a warm glow and cozy environment in your yard. Some common examples of water features include fire bowls and fire pits. You can simply install fire features by the poolside or along the edges of your pool. If possible, install a firepit at the center of your pergola to create the perfect chill spot for you and your loved ones. If you want to upgrade a standard pool to a luxurious pool, a fire feature will indisputably do the work for you. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that fire features are costly. But they are definitely worth the money.

Pool grottos

A pool grotto brings about a mystic view in the pool. Generally, grottos are cave-like structures situated underneath the pool. More often than not, pool owners position the grotto slightly beneath an above-ground rock waterfall. Grottos make your pool look more appealing, especially at night. Some grottos contain benches. Here, you can dive and sit for a few seconds as you enjoy the underwater views. If you have a grotto, consider installing pool lights on this feature. Doing this makes it even more attractive. A grotto usually serves as the centerpiece of your backyard in most instances.

Pool slides

Did you know that a poolside is also considered a luxurious water feature? Pool slides not only improve the aesthetics of the pool but also provide more hours of pool play. If you have children, consider installing this feature. Also, if you have a commercial pool, install this feature.

Although pool slides are expensive, they help you attract a more extensive clientele. In turn, you are able to gain more revenues and profits. In addition, a pool slide often serves as the focal point of your yard. Even so, you have to follow all your state guidelines concerning pool slide installation. Also, get a reliable pool contractor to install this feature for you. Otherwise, you would be setting yourself up for disaster.

Factors to consider before installing luxury water features in your pool

Before you install luxury features in your pool, ensure you consider the below factors.

Size of the pool

Usually, the size of your pool determines the type of water features you install. For instance, if you have a large pool, you have the freedom to install more than three luxury water features.

All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

The design of your pool

Always consider your pool design before installing any water features. Your water features should complement the pool design. More often than not, your pool contractor helps you determine the best features for your pool.

Your budget

One of the main factors you have to consider is your budget. It is essential to install water features that lie within your budget. If you have a tight budget, consider installing at most two water features.

Best builder of luxury pools in Baton Rouge

We, Windgate Custom Pools, are the number one pool construction company in Baton Rouge. We focus on constructing quality luxury pools that transform outdoor spaces into premium havens. If you are an aspiring luxury pool owner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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